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The club has a significant representation in full-bore shooting, and the section makes a considerable impression in County competition. Indeed, we pride ourselves that, in the past, members of considerable longstanding, and one or two still shooting, have been highly successful at National and International level. The club boasts past and present members who have been winners of major Imperial Meeting prizes, including the King's Prize and, more recently, the Grand Aggregate there. One member - the late Chalky White, won the King's prize on three occasions.

There are a number of members who shoot their veteran and classic .22 rifles for pleasure and competition in the HARC Miniature Rifle Leagues and occasionally sojourn to the Bisley Main and Historic Arms meetings, and to the local Military ranges at Middlewick and Fingrinhoe on the outskirts of Colchester , within almost a stone's throw of the Club ranges at Layer-de la-Haye which themselves are barely a mile out of town.


The Club's members' full-bore rifle shooting section isaffiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA), with the main .762 calibre Target Rifle group shooting at Bisley and Thetford Ranges in competition. There is a significant representation of CRC members shooting in the Essex County (Full-Bore) Rifle Association's County Team.

One member recently represented England in the team shooting in Mexico in 2008 and again in South Africa in 2009. In SA, England took third place only 4 points behind the winners. A close match indeed.

More recently (2009), the group shooting historic full-bore rifles has been re-formed, and range bookings are made regularly at Colchester's aforementioned Middlewick and Fingringhoe M.o.D. Military ranges for the shooting of Lee-Enfield and other classic marques of rifle in both .303-in. and transitional .762 calibres, not to mention a few more exotic old long-arms. Modern .762 Target Rifle practice can also be undertaken on these occasions.

Colchester Rifle Club has a long and interesting history, but there is not sufficient space to relate this here and, anyway, that history has been thoroughly recorded in print by a small team of members comprised of the author and his tireless researchers. The first link in the next section below will tell you more.

The book is available either via our contact email on this page, or from particular booksellers. Indeed, it can be found at Amazon.


We do, however, have a small number of articles that may give you an insight to the club and its activities. See the History section.


Additionally, do not miss this opportunity to read a comprehensive .......................................... History of the Club



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